Digital Guest Registration

for Restaurants, Clubs, Hotels, Fitnesscenters, Events, …

for Covid19 Contact Tracing | GDPR compliant | free | with Check In / Check Out function

For customers

If the guest scans the QR code on his table, he can leave his name, telephone and email address, to be notified of a suspected COVID case. A guest only has to register once and can voluntarily save his or her data for further visits to the restaurant. The guest data is encrypted during transmission and cannot be viewed by third parties.

For restaurants

As a restaurant manager, you can set up the QR codes on your tables and label them in the system. By evaluating the numbers scans, you can see how busy the tables are overtime. If a corona case becomes known, he can hand over the relevant data to the authorities in an Excel file.


Instead of handing in a form printed on a card or sheet of paper, the guest will be able to point their phone at a properly positioned JTQRCodes to be able to fill out a form using their own phone without running the risk of contamination by handling pens and paper.

General Events

At outdoor or indoor events, instead of handing in a printed form, the participant can point their phone at a JTQRCodes properly positioned at the entrance to be able to fill out a form using their own phone without running the risk of contamination by handling pens and papers .

gdpr compliant All contacts are saved for 28 days and are then automatically deleted.

Table Display Ideas

Table display templates

Check In / Check Out


Checkin / Checkout functions


With the optional Check In / Check Out function, guests can register and check out when they leave the restaurant. The restaurat owner always has an overview of how many guests have just checked in and how long they stay on average.

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a QR code for contact tracing?
  1. Create a free account
  2. In the Dashboard click on Create Landing Page
  3. Choose the Landing Page type Covid19 Tracing
  4. Adapt the contact tracing form to your needs
  5. Download the QR code and print it on a table stand.
Where and how long is the guest data stored?

We store all data securely in our data center <strong>in Amazon AWS</strong>. If a contact is older than <strong>28 days</strong>, he is automatically deleted.

Which data are recorded exactly?

The guest registration form contains the following optional fields: <em><strong>First name, Last name, Phone number, E-Mail, Table number, Date, Time</strong></em>

How do I submit the data to the health authority?

You can send the data to your Download guests as an <strong>Excel file</strong> and, in the event of a positive COVID test, forward them to the responsible authorities <strong>by email</strong>.

Do my guests have to register every time?

<strong>No</strong>. A guest can save his data on his smartphone for further visits. A cookie is stored for this that can be deleted at any time.

Can I create a unique contact tracing QR code for each of my tables that is assigned to a table number?

<strong>Yes</strong>. You can generate any number of contact tracing QR codes and assign a table number to each QR code. This means that the guest does not have to enter a table number when registering.

I have already linked a QR code to a digital menu with your service. Can I insert the COVID-registration before without having to reprint the QR code?

<strong>Yes</strong>. Delete the QR code that links to the menu and make a note of the shortened URL and the destination URL. Now create a contact tracing QR code with the same shortened URL. You can set the shortened URL in the branding section. In the “On Submit”-section, specify the PDF menu or link to the URL with the digital menu.

Is it mandatory for my customers to provide their contact information before entering my restaurant?

It will depend on your local regulations. Most of the countries are leaving it up to the individuals to decide if they want to share their info or not and this does not deny the righ to enter the establishment. Some countries even have their own contact tracing App.

Why are you offering the service for free?

In times of COVID, we don’t want to make a profit out of necessity and support the already ailing gastronomy.


Fighting COVID19 together