JTQRCodes for Real Estate Marketing

JTQRCodes enables you as a real estate agent or company to connect potential customers with relevant information of your real estates on the spot using QR Codes. Assign a real estate to a JTQRCodes and print the code on posters or magazines. A potential customer that scans the JTQRCodes immediately gets all relevant information about the real estate on his Smartphone.

Real Estate Editor

The landing page for your real estate is easy to create by using the built-in landing page editor. You don’t need any programming-skills. Brand the landing page with your logo, add a photo gallery and add real estate agent contat to be called directly.

Responsive Websites for Real Estates

Your Real Estates will look great on all mobile devices. No matter if your customers will view them on a Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet. JTQRCodes uses responsive webdesign technology to adapt your real estates to any screen resolution. Scan the following JTQRCodes or click the link to see how a real estate looks on different devices.

Easily share Real Estates on Social Media Channels